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Compilation album coming…

Mekong delta - Intersections

Mekong Delta will release a compilation album with re-recorded tracks (with the current line-up). It’s called ‘Intersections‘ and will be released in Germany on the 20th of April, the 23rd of April in the rest of Europe and the U.S./Canada can expect this release in early May.

The track list is as follows:

1 ) Prophecy
2 ) The cure
3 ) Memories of tomorrow
4 ) Heroes grief
5 ) Shades of doom
6 ) The healer
7 ) Transgressor
8 ) Sphere eclipse
9 ) Heartbeat
10 ) Innocent?

8 Responses to Compilation album coming…

  • How about upcoming gigs?
    I know about Greece, if it’s confirmed, are MD going to book in this year BLOODSTOCK?

  • Waiting for the Your new Cd Ralph! 🙂

  • This is great news! Is there any information as to where I might purchase this online? I currently reside in the US.

  • I got another question, how come this album is under the label of Steamhammer Records? I thought that Ralph Hubert recorded under his own label, Aaarrgh.

    • According to Erik, the reason they are working with another record company is because of the better world-wide distribution network for their material. They will probably release any new album through this company as well.

  • Looking forward to hearing some of the old classics redone with the new lineup!!!!

    • I placed snippets of two songs on the website (under Media, below the “King…” video) which are placed on youtube by SPV. This should give you an impression.

  • just got my hands on the “Wanderer” cd a couple of days ago..it kicks ass!!! Thank you for this masterpiece. Hearing MD since the first Album…what about some live gigs..don’t remember the gig in Frankfurt quite well anymore..bootshaus wiking I think it was..time flies…Chris

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