Mekong delta - Intersections

Mekong Delta will release a compilation album with re-recorded tracks (with the current line-up). It’s called ‘Intersections‘ and will be released in Germany on the 20th of April, the 23rd of April in the rest of Europe and the U.S./Canada can expect this release in early May.

The track list is as follows:

1 ) Prophecy
2 ) The cure
3 ) Memories of tomorrow
4 ) Heroes grief
5 ) Shades of doom
6 ) The healer
7 ) Transgressor
8 ) Sphere eclipse
9 ) Heartbeat
10 ) Innocent?

8 thoughts on “Compilation album coming…

  1. I got another question, how come this album is under the label of Steamhammer Records? I thought that Ralph Hubert recorded under his own label, Aaarrgh.

    1. According to Erik, the reason they are working with another record company is because of the better world-wide distribution network for their material. They will probably release any new album through this company as well.

    1. I placed snippets of two songs on the website (under Media, below the “King…” video) which are placed on youtube by SPV. This should give you an impression.

  2. just got my hands on the “Wanderer” cd a couple of days kicks ass!!! Thank you for this masterpiece. Hearing MD since the first Album…what about some live gigs..don’t remember the gig in Frankfurt quite well anymore..bootshaus wiking I think it was..time flies…Chris

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