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Show in Turkey

MEKONG DELTA will be performing at the HAYAL Kahvesi Ansalcak in Izmir (Turkey) on the 13th of November.



Alex @ ProgPower 2011

Alex Landenburg has found some time to edit some of his recorded DrumCam stuff and placed this on YouTube. I placed the video in the ‘Media’ section of the website for your viewing pleasure.

Tragedy at ProgPower

At the ProgPower Europe festival at Baarlo (The Netherlands) on October 3rd 2011 around 1:30am a tragic and bizarre accident occurred. Guitarist Mikko Laine (30 years of age) from the finnish band Sole Remedy was reportedly sleeping against a fence at the backstage area when a truck with stage equipment backed up over him. He died on the scene.

Mekong Delta is shocked by the accident and mourn the death of their fellow musician. They would like to express their condolences to the relatives of Mikko and to the band Sole Remedy.