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Re-release of ‘The Principle Of Doubt’

News from MEKONG DELTA. The third re-release on vinyl is on its way.

Hello to all of you,

the third Mekong Delta re – release on Vinyl, “The Principle of Doubt”, will be available as usual for fans first
next week ( official release 29.04 ), again as 180g vinyl in 3mm sleeve with an printed b/w innersleeve.

As this vinyl re – release will be a limited again, those of you who are interrested  should drop me a mail
during the next days so that I can reserve a copy. Beside the normal album orders for signed whitelabels
will be possible again.

Best regards,

Ralf Hubert / Mekong Delta

You can pre-order now by using the ‘VINYL’ button in the top bar.

Please indicate whether you would like the signed white-label test pressing or the regular limited edition with normal artwork.


OK, the re-releases are the greatest concern for MEKONG DELTA at the moment. As you probably know, the first 4 albums are being reprint and re-released in a limited amount. As we speak, the first album (‘Mekong Delta’) is available and the second album (‘The Music Of Erich Zann’) is currently in production. The problem is the following. The original artwork for the first albums has been either destroyed or heavily damaged. Since Ralf wants his re-releases to be (almost) perfect, some work has to be done to restore the artwork. This is the first reason the work on the album containing ‘Suite’ and ‘Five Fragments’ has been postponed. The second reason is that Ralf found himself changing to much of the parts of the ‘Suite’ composition (which was NOT his intention), so he needed to take his distance from the work and let it settle. So, things are progressing but have a little patience. In the end it’s worth your wait!

Work in progress…

Mekong Delta - Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta – Mekong Delta

Some years ago, I think it was somewhere between Lurking Fear and Wanderer on the Edge of Time, Ralf’s plan was to improve and re-release the Suite for Group and Orchestra (found on Visions Fugitives) together with Five Fragments for Group and Orchestra, two of which can be found on the Lurking Fear album.

I received word from Ralf that he’s currently working on improving the Suite for Group and Orchestra (the ‘Fugue‘ is the only one not ready yet) and that he is completing the fragments. He hopes to complete this project before the second half of this year, so it can be released.

Other good news is that the first albums by MEKONG DELTA are to be re-released on vinyl, starting with the self-titled debut. The first album should be available somewhere halfway the month of May. These albums will be limited editions, so people that are interested should let Mekong Merchandising know they would like to reserve a copy. Before you start mailing me, I will create a form which you can use to notify Mekong Merchandising. Be patient.


Mekong Delta interview

Mekong Delta interview, Paris, 8 april 2014


Although it’s quiet in the Mekong Delta camp, some members are not so dormant. Alex Landenburg is very busy touring with the guys from Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody and working with 21 Octayne, Benedikt Zimniak is working different projects and just this week Vivien Lalu released his second album using the name Lalu. Though Vivien is not a member of Mekong Delta however, the singer on this album is. Martin LeMar is responsible for the vocal parts on Lalu’s new album ‘Atomic Ark’. It’s a very nice and diverse prog rock/metal album. Definitely worth a listen. It’s available through many channels, even in Spotify and iTunes.

Lalu - Atomic Ark

Lalu – Atomic Ark




Martin Lemar, still currect vocalist for Mekong Delta, has aligned himself with a new project. This project is called “Nachtgeschrei” and the new album (‘Aus Schw?rzester Nacht’ with Martin on vocals) will be released on the 22nd of March this year. It’s Metal, it’s Folk, it’s Rock, it’s Medieval! All songs are in the German language (like all Nachtgeschrei albums). They have been performing mainly in Germany, but maybe this time they get a foothold in other countries.

You can check them out on