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  1. Jeanine Schuldt says:

    good morning, I am writing in hopes of obtaining a signed pand photo, or paper for my husband Rusty. He is a huge fan of your band since the late 80’s. Please emai lme, I can pay for shipping, send you money for your help, my husband would greatly appreciate this gesture. Thank you & I look forward toy our reply. Thank you & have a Merry Christmas.

    Jeanine Schuldt

  2. Ubi Allen says:

    Hi Devoraz,

    I have three questions about the Mekong discography. First, what is it about these Russian “Mystic Empire” releases of the albums, and where can I get those? Tried a couple of (online) stores, but no luck. Second, there seems to be a promo DVD for Wanderer out there, called “Tale of the Wanderer”. Do you have an idea where I can get one? And last: do you know anything about the “new” 2013 Steamhammer releases of the albums? Is there anything special about them?

    Btw, there is one more thing you might want to add to the discography: there has been a CD promo single for “Dance on a Volcano”…

    All my best


    I miss the forum! That was a fantastic place to ask these things.

  3. Devoraz says:


    The Mystic Empire releases are issued in the eastern european countries only. You can only get them if you run into them on the internet (maybe e-bay). They are no different from the original releases.

    I have no knowledge of any promo DVD, so can’t help you there.

    I know this promo CD has been released at some point, but it was never sold and very limited. I’ll see if it’s useful to put it on the list.

    Working on the forum, but very limited time at the moment (what else is new). Sorry about that.

    • Kevin Cartledge says:

      It was released in 1993 on IRS
      Reference IRS CD 988.047

      Track listing
      1. Dance on a volcano
      2. Dreaming
      3. Toccata
      4. Hut of baba yaga

  4. big nuts 97 says:

    doing geography assignment on Vietnam find this hahahahahaha

  5. de?dkrist says:

    HELLo… I listen MEKONG DELTA since 1990 (dances of death) and have all albums, and whole stuff which is GREAAAAT, progressive & technical & complicated material 🙂 but not boring 🙂

    how about a new release 2015 or 2016???
    sorry for my fckng english

    • Devoraz says:

      There is nothing planned, but then again, I’m not always the first to know. 😉 As soon as there’s something to report, you will find it here!

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