1. Introduction
2. Ouverture
3. The Armageddon Machine
4. The Sliver In God’s Eye
5. Janus
6. Inside The Outside Of The Inside
7. Hindsight Bias
8. Mutant Messiah

Vocals: Martin LeMar
Guitars: Erik Adam H. Gr?sch
Bass: Ralf Hubert
Drums: Alexander Landenburg

6 thoughts on “In A Mirror Darkly (2014)

  1. I downloaded this the night it came out. Accessible but I am still taking it all in. Love the guitar in Mutant Messiah. I really like the modern Mekong Delta output.

  2. Vielen Dank fur grossartige neue cd “In a mirror…” !!!
    Beste Grusse aus Polen!
    see You on tour 🙂

  3. After decades this band still manage to amaze me, in a major way even!
    I love this album and MK keep on realeasing some of their best albums ever since the band came back on the map in 2007. I use to listen to In A Mirror Darkly together with my 6 months old daughter: she loves the changing rhythms and even falls asleep while the music is playing: definetely not for any sense of boredom, rather she has become familiar with it and probably finds some kind of reassuring shelter in my arms and in MK musical experience at large!
    Thanks for years of awesome music guys!

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