Intersections (2012)

2. The cure
3. Memories of tomorrow
4. Heroes grief
5. Shades of doom
6. The healer
7. Transgressor
8. Sphere eclipse
9. Heartbeat
10. Innocent?

Vocals: Martin LeMar
Guitars: Erik Adam H. Grösch /?Benedikt Zimniak
Bass: Ralf Hubert
Drums: Alexander Landenburg

2 Responses to Intersections (2012)

  1. ROB GROHL says:

    When did the band play AMERICA LAST. Not the CRUISE .I ask because i may have an actual date in 2017So if interersted get back to me Also i can use this and the following bcd to the office. THANKS

    • Devoraz says:

      Not sure if they ever played the States, but if they did it would have been before 1997. Requests for gigs can be addressed to their booking agent.

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