2. The cure
3. Memories of tomorrow
4. Heroes grief
5. Shades of doom
6. The healer
7. Transgressor
8. Sphere eclipse
9. Heartbeat
10. Innocent?

Vocals: Martin LeMar
Guitars: Erik Adam H. Gr?sch /?Benedikt Zimniak
Bass: Ralf Hubert
Drums: Alexander Landenburg

2 thoughts on “Intersections (2012)

  1. When did the band play AMERICA LAST. Not the CRUISE .I ask because i may have an actual date in 2017So if interersted get back to me Also i can use this and the following bcd to the office. THANKS

    1. Not sure if they ever played the States, but if they did it would have been before 1997. Requests for gigs can be addressed to their booking agent.

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