Pictures at an exhibition (1996)

  1. [17] Promenade
  2. [18] Gnomus
  3. [19] Interludium
  4. [20] Il vecchio castello
  5. [21] Interludium
  6. [22] Tuileries (Despute d’enfants apres jeux)
  7. [23] Bydtlo
  8. [24] Interludium
  9. [25] Ballet of the unhatched chicks
  10. [26] ‘Samuel’ Goldenberg and ‘Schmuyle’
  11. [27] Promenade
  12. [28] Limoges: Le marche (la grande nouvelle)
  13. [29] Catacombae (sepulcrum romanum)
  14. [30] Lingua mortis
  15. [31] The hut on chicken’s legs
  16. [32] The heroic gate (in the old capital of Kiev)

Guitar: Uwe Baltrusch
Bass: Ralf Hubert
Drums: Peter Haas

6 Responses to Pictures at an exhibition (1996)

  1. Ulrich Birr says:

    there is a cd fom the picture of exhibition. can i buy these?
    greetings from switzerland!
    ulrich birr

  2. John G says:

    I just heard this on spotify and love it! Is there any way I could buy the score or tabs for guitar?


    • Devoraz says:

      Not that I know of. But you might want to check your local library, since this is an adaptation from the classical piece by Modest Mussorgski. Maybe they have some scores/tabs on file.

  3. Kevin Cartledge says:

    On e-bay there are copies of PICTURES AT AN EXHIBITION for sale.
    The post says 2CD to be released in 2015.
    Can you tell me anything about this new version ?

    • Devoraz says:

      First of all, sorry for the late response. Since there’s not so much happening within the ranks of Mekong Delta, I hardly check and/or update the site.

      In answer to your question… I don’t believe it’s a new version. I haven’t heard of any re-release. Maybe some record company took both versions of the composition and placed each on a separate CD.

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