The music of Erich Zann (1998)

  1. Age of agony
  2. True lies
  3. Confession of madness
  4. Hatred
  5. Interludium (begging for mercy)
  6. Prophecy
  7. Memories of tomorrow
  8. I, king, will come
  9. The final deluge
  10. Epilogue
  11. The gnom*

Vocals: Keil
Guitar: Rolf Stein / Vincent St. Johns
Bass: Björn Eklund
Drums: Gordon Perkins

7 Responses to The music of Erich Zann (1998)

  1. Daniel Goodine says:

    This was the album that introduced me to Mekong Delta, I stumbled upon it a few years ago and eventually I got to listen to all of MD’s studio albums. My favorite song on this album has to be hatred, the chorus is so catchy! This album embodies the reason why MD is my favorite band. Keep up the good work.

    • admin says:

      The first song I ever heard, was ‘Prophecy’ and still is one of my favorite tracks. I’ve been hooked on Mekong Delta ever since.

  2. Livio says:

    I have bought this CD from a market but i don’t know if it’s a bootleg or not.
    I hope you can help me.
    My CD has these codes:
    EAN Code is: AAARRG 2010-3D
    Matrix Code is: 10403 The Music Of E Zann
    Bar-Code is: 4260060520519
    Tanks you!

    • Devoraz says:

      The EAN bar code (4260060520519) looks a lot like one I found on the internet. I can’t really say if it is a bootleg or an official release. The EAN code suggests it’s released in 2010, but to my knowledge this album has only been released in 1988 and re-released in 1997 and for the Baltic States re-released in 2006.
      Aaarrg is the official label that released the album and as of 2007 this company was brought back to life by Ralf Hubert, so it could also be you might have bought an official copy I’m not aware of.

  3. Cosmonaut says:

    Who did the album art work for this record?

  4. godwill666 says:

    Who did the album art work for this record?
    And where is this painting now?

  5. Devoraz says:

    Unfortunately all the original artwork for the first 6 studio albums are destroyed by water damage at the studio they were kept. So I am told.

    Not a clue as to the artist who made the cover of ‘The Music Of Erich Zann’, but there’s a signature on there, so maybe with a little research you could find out.

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