The principle of doubt (1989)

  1. A question of trust
  2. The principle of doubt
  3. Once I believed
  4. Ever since time began
  5. Curse of reality
  6. Twilight zone
  7. Shades of doom
  8. The jester
  9. El colibri
  10. No friend of mine

Vocals: Keil
Guitar: Rolf Stein / Mark Kaye
Bass: Björn Eklund
Drums: Gordon Perkins

5 Responses to The principle of doubt (1989)

  1. Daniel Goodine says:

    This is my favorite studio album from MD, it was a surprising but pleasant change in play style. (The last album from MD that I had at the time was “The Music of Erich Zann”.) My favorite song on this album is “Curse of Reality” and my second favorite song on this album has to be the opener, “A Question of Trust”. Really, every single track on this album is excellent in its own way, its a definite must have.

  2. Victor Barros says:

    This is a killer album, a true masterpiece! I’m looking for the tabs off this a long time, any chance of getting that?? greetings from Brasil!

    • Devoraz says:

      I will see if any tabs are available on the internet. If there are, I will post links to them on the website. If there are any musicians out there who are apt in creating tabs from songs, please feel free to contact me. That way I can post them on the website.

  3. Bombyl says:

    Another masterpiece. Can’t wait the Digibook release.

    • Devoraz says:

      Hopefully soon. It was delayed for serveral reasons and Ralf decided to release ‘Dances of Death’ before this one. But there definitely will be one for ‘The Principle of Doubt’ as well.

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