The principle of doubt (1989)

  1. A question of trust
  2. The principle of doubt
  3. Once I believed
  4. Ever since time began
  5. Curse of reality
  6. Twilight zone
  7. Shades of doom
  8. The jester
  9. El colibri
  10. No friend of mine

Vocals: Keil
Guitar: Rolf Stein / Mark Kaye
Bass: Bj?rn Eklund
Drums: Gordon Perkins

One Response to The principle of doubt (1989)

  1. Daniel Goodine says:

    This is my favorite studio album from MD, it was a surprising but pleasant change in play style. (The last album from MD that I had at the time was “The Music of Erich Zann”.) My favorite song on this album is “Curse of Reality” and my second favorite song on this album has to be the opener, “A Question of Trust”. Really, every single track on this album is excellent in its own way, its a definite must have.

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