Cover : Mekong Delta

The first album. It was released in 1987, but the exact day and month given is an estimate. Initial release on the Aaarrg Records label (Aaarrg 4) on 12″ vinyl and CD. The musicians are: Bj?rn Eklund (Bass), Keil (Vocals), Vincent St. Johns (Guitar), Rolf Stein (Guitar) and Gordon Perkins (Drums).

  • 103:47Without Honour
  • 203:39The Cure
  • 304:13The Hut of Baba Yaga
  • 404:42Heroes Grief
  • 503:51Kill The Enemy
  • 603:25Nightmare Patrol
  • 704:10Shiva's Return
  • 804:04Black Sabbath
  • 903:43Back Home (in hell)