Cover : The Music of Erich Zann

The second album. Released in 1988, although the exact day and month are estimates. Initial release by Aaarrg Records (Aaarrg 11) on 12″ vinyl and CD. ‘The Gnom’ (taken from previous EP) was added as a bonus track on the CD.

  • 103:12Age of Agony
  • 205:34True Lies
  • 303:55Confession of Madness
  • 403:24Hatred
  • 503:09Interludium (begging for mercy)
  • 603:58Prophecy
  • 704:20Memories of Tomorrow
  • 805:08I, King, Will Come
  • 902:57The Final Deluge
  • 1001:47Epilogue
  • 11The Gnom*