New album coming…

The rumors are true. Mekong Delta will be releasing a new album in a few months. On the 25th of April in Germany, on the 28th of April in the rest of Europe and one day later (29th) in the U.S.

The new album is called “In a mirror darkly” and picks up where “Wanderer on the egde of time” left off. 8 tracks (of which 3 are instrumental), all with a playing time between 5 and 7 minutes, will appear on this album, including the instrumental with the mysterious title “Inside the outside of the inside”. Responsible for this album only four members are mentioned. Ralf Hubert (Bass, also produced the album), Eric Adam H. Gr?sch (Guitars), Martin LeMar (Vocals) and Alexander Landenburg (Drums). It was recorded in all of the members’ personal studios. Cover artwork is not available at this time.


A distant voice from somewhere…riffs behind closed studio-doors…and maybe something to be announced soon…but well, who knows what’s real….

Heavy New Year

To all Mekong Delta fans around the world, a very heavy and musical 2014!


Although it’s quiet in the Mekong Delta camp, some members are not so dormant. Alex Landenburg is very busy touring with the guys from Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody and working with 21 Octayne, Benedikt Zimniak is working different projects and just this week Vivien Lalu released his second album using the name Lalu. Though Vivien is not a member of Mekong Delta however, the singer on this album is. Martin LeMar is responsible for the vocal parts on Lalu’s new album ‘Atomic Ark’. It’s a very nice and diverse prog rock/metal album. Definitely worth a listen. It’s available through many channels, even in Spotify and iTunes.

Lalu - Atomic Ark

Lalu – Atomic Ark

Alex @ ProgPower 2011

Alex Landenburg has found some time to edit some of his recorded DrumCam stuff and placed this on YouTube. I placed the video in the ‘Media’ section of the website for your viewing pleasure.




Martin Lemar, still currect vocalist for Mekong Delta, has aligned himself with a new project. This project is called “Nachtgeschrei” and the new album (‘Aus Schw?rzester Nacht’ with Martin on vocals) will be released on the 22nd of March this year. It’s Metal, it’s Folk, it’s Rock, it’s Medieval! All songs are in the German language (like all Nachtgeschrei albums). They have been performing mainly in Germany, but maybe this time they get a foothold in other countries.

You can check them out on

Website enhancements

It has been a while since I had the time to do some work on the website. Also there hasn’t been any interesting news to post about Mekong Delta. Alex is very busy at the moment touring with Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody and working on material and the release of the debut for 21 Octayne.

Many fans asked me to have a forum again, so?I’m working to get a new forum operational. There are several other things which may be useful for the website. Also trying to have all information from the old website available again on the new website. As long as I have the time, because work keeps me pretty busy.


Mekong delta - Intersections

SPV (the record company releasing the ‘Intersections’ -album) has placed two snippets of songs on youtube. Search for ‘mekong delta snippets’ and you’ll find them. You can also check out the ‘Media’ page here. I embedded the snippets here as well. Just a few more days…

Compilation album coming…

Mekong delta - Intersections

Mekong Delta will release a compilation album with re-recorded tracks (with the current line-up). It’s called ‘Intersections‘ and will be released in Germany on the 20th of April, the 23rd of April in the rest of Europe and the U.S./Canada can expect this release in early May.

The track list is as follows:

1 ) Prophecy
2 ) The cure
3 ) Memories of tomorrow
4 ) Heroes grief
5 ) Shades of doom
6 ) The healer
7 ) Transgressor
8 ) Sphere eclipse
9 ) Heartbeat
10 ) Innocent?

Tragedy at ProgPower

At the ProgPower Europe festival at Baarlo (The Netherlands) on October 3rd 2011 around 1:30am a tragic and bizarre accident occurred. Guitarist Mikko Laine (30 years of age) from the finnish band Sole Remedy was reportedly sleeping against a fence at the backstage area when a truck with stage equipment backed up over him. He died on the scene.

Mekong Delta is shocked by the accident and mourn the death of their fellow musician. They would like to express their condolences to the relatives of Mikko and to the band Sole Remedy.