I received the following note from MEKONG DELTA.

Hello to all of you,

the 2nd Mekong Delta re – release on Vinyl, “The Music of Erich Zann”, will be available for fans first
in about 4 weeks, again as 180g vinyl in 3mm sleeve with an b/w printed innersleeve. As the CD cover,
caused by all the re – releases, is far away from the original Cover, we spent a lot of time in restaurating
the original oil painting so that we can use it for this vinyl re – release. A lot of Details are visible again now,
its quite different from the CD cover used over the years ( decades ) so that we already got requests for
an t-shirt release.

As this vinyl re – release will be a limited again, those of you who are interrested should drop me a mail
during the next 2 weeks so that I can reserve a copy. Beside the normal album orders for signed whitelabels
are possible again.

If you are interrested in Holy Moses Vinyl, got some copies of “Queen of Siam” & “Finished with the Dogs”
out of a license deal, they can be ordered directly through our mail address.

Best regards,

Ralf Hubert / Mekong Delta

If you’re interested, the e-mail address for ordering is:

E-mail address



(Please remember to specify whether you would like the normal re-release or a signed whitelabel (as long as available))