Mekong delta - Intersections

SPV (the record company releasing the ‘Intersections’ -album) has placed two snippets of songs on youtube. Search for ‘mekong delta snippets’ and you’ll find them. You can also check out the ‘Media’ page here. I embedded the snippets here as well. Just a few more days…

4 thoughts on “Snippets

  1. This is the type of great quality that I expect from Mekong Delta’s new lineup! Can’t wait to get a hold of the album! Just got a bit more to wait until I can order from Amazon. 🙂

  2. Wow! Have not checked in for a while. Listening to the new album on Rhapsody right now. Nice work on the re-recordings by all.

  3. Always been a huge fan of the music MD was performing in the 80’s and 90’s. Kaleidoscope had the potential to be a real masterpiece, but I couldn’t stand the vocal performances. Now, MD has got a real singer, with a beautiful voice and a lot of taste and musicianship. Thank you for recording the songs again : it had to be done. I’m delighted, at last.

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