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11 thoughts on “Tour Dates

  1. You guys should hook up with Vektor and Voivod and start European tour like immediately. Vektor is still too unknown in Europe for touring here alone but with their father (Voivod) they would get enough spotlight. As pioneers of this kind of music like you guys and Voivod I think it would be totally hardcore to see both of you together, and the package would be perfect with one fresh name. There’s a huge demand for progressive thrash and the whole genre is getting a second wind ’cause people are bit bored with the “standard thrash” and are disgusted by all new metal genres, so the only way to go is to develop and update the good old thrash!

  2. You should make a tour with Watchtower (they released a single in 2010 and should still be alive) , it would be a massacre to see two techno-thrash classics on one stage \m/,

  3. Biggest metal festival in post-USSR
    Ukraine, Crimea, Eupatoria
    Metal Head’s Mission-14, 1-4 august 2013
    1. ???? (maybe Mekong Delta? I hope)
    2. ????
    3. Morgoth (Germany)
    4. Dying Fetus (USA)

    with best wishes, your fan – Alexander

  4. Hallo die beste Band der Welt!
    ist schon beh?ndelt einen Auftritt in Tschechei? Ich habe eine Empfehlung f?r “Basinfirefest” in Sp?len? Por?c? (Tschechei) in Termin 26.-29.6.2014 gesehen. Ist das richtig? Ich freue mich schon….

    1. YES!

      Mekong Delta are confirmed for the Basinfirefest in CZ.

      More details coming soon…….

      Metal up

  5. I heard that there’s a possibility that you might play in Izmir,Turkey in October. Is it true? And if it is,it’ll awesome.

  6. Hallo Ralph
    Ich hoffe das Mekong Delta wieder mal ein Konzert macht in der Schweiz.
    Letztes Mal (in Uster) war SUUUPER ! Nur hatte es VIEL zu wenig Leute.
    Ich könnte dir das “Hall Of Fame” Wetzikon/ZH empfehlen.
    Es wäre toll euch mal wieder zu sehen und hören!!
    Gruss aus der Schweiz

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