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Site offline

Due to some financial circumstances, there are going to be some changes in the way the website is hosted. This means that the website and domain need to be moved. Since this has to be done in my own time (I do have a fulltime job) and I need to figure out how to keep everything secure, it might be that the website will be down for a period of time.

The current provided webspace will be operational until the 31st of August. After that the site will not be online anymore, unless I can find another way to host the site within this time.

Be advised that I will do anything within my abilities to preserve, maintain and continue this website. So, even when I can’t move it in time and the site will go down, I have every intension to bring the site back online again. It just might take a little longer.

Sorry for the inconvenience but my financial well-being is more important right now.

Site make-over

Since I’m always busy with other things, like my radio show, recording and mixing music for a couple of friends, and lots of other stuff I like doing in my spare time, I sometimes forget to maintain this website. Hopefully that’s going to change. I’m gonna make myself a promise to spent some time on the website at least once a week. There for I’m also gonna do a make-over of the website. I never was quite happy with the last ‘look’ of the site, so changes are going to be made both in appearance and functionality. The way the site looks now is not the final product. Still figuring out what works best. If you have any suggestions for the website, you’re welcome to contact me.

Alex his official website

Alex has launched his personal official website. Everything you’ve always wanted to know about Alex Landenburg…

Check out his website at:?Alex.Landenburg.De

Heavy New Year

To all Mekong Delta fans around the world, a very heavy and musical 2014!

Website enhancements

It has been a while since I had the time to do some work on the website. Also there hasn’t been any interesting news to post about Mekong Delta. Alex is very busy at the moment touring with Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody and working on material and the release of the debut for 21 Octayne.

Many fans asked me to have a forum again, so?I’m working to get a new forum operational. There are several other things which may be useful for the website. Also trying to have all information from the old website available again on the new website. As long as I have the time, because work keeps me pretty busy.

Website Restyled

Welcome to the newly restyled and updated website of Mekong Delta. We’ve been working on this website for quite some time now, but due to lack of time we never got the time to really finish it. There are still some items that need to be added or adjusted, but we’re getting there. Please be patient. We need some more time to sort things out.

It is still possible to visit the old site for some info you are still missing on the new site. We will inform you as soon as the old site will be obsolete.

Have fun and if you have any questions, you can always contact us.