OK, the re-releases are the greatest concern for MEKONG DELTA at the moment. As you probably know, the first 4 albums are being reprint and re-released in a limited amount. As we speak, the first album (‘Mekong Delta’) is available and the second album (‘The Music Of Erich Zann’) is currently in production. The problem is the following. The original artwork for the first albums has been either destroyed or heavily damaged. Since Ralf wants his re-releases to be (almost) perfect, some work has to be done to restore the artwork. This is the first reason the work on the album containing ‘Suite’ and ‘Five Fragments’ has been postponed. The second reason is that Ralf found himself changing to much of the parts of the ‘Suite’ composition (which was NOT his intention), so he needed to take his distance from the work and let it settle. So, things are progressing but have a little patience. In the end it’s worth your wait!